Parlez-vous Français?

Ever wanted to learn the beautiful French language? March 20th is the annual French Language Day celebration and what better way to ring in the event than by a little tutoring session in France itself?

UN French Language Day was created in 2010 in order to promote multilingualism in the world and stress the sheer importance of language, in general.

Round trip flights NYC Paris (March 17-25, 2014) starting from only $833 (flight details:

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I Bid You Adieu

I have the Costa Rican bus schedule saved on my laptop but I wont really need it anymore. Not because I’m about to leave but because I’ve already memorized it. That’s the thing. I could have deleted the bus schedule 2 weeks ago because I know when and where the bus to Barva comes and…

Isabel Zarate

Isabel Zarate-Chacon is my host mother in Costa Rica. In a couple of days, that “is” will change to “was”. She was born in Barrio Jesus, a tiny town in Heredia (a region in Costa Rica) where she grew up with 5 other brothers and sisters. She was the oldest of the bunch, which is…

Dia de Guanacaste

It’s supposed to be my summer break but by placing myself back into the school setting over my vacation (I went willingly…), I have found that I still dread Monday’s and I still wait in anticipation for the weekend to grace me with its presence. This week, though, the weekend missed me as much as…