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Some people go there because it’s the global headquarters of the worldwide leader in news. Other people go there because they have a grand food court and a high speed escalator. Whatever your reason, CNN in Atlanta (the largest of all 48 of its bureaus) has spent the last 32 years earning–and maintaining–its reputation as one of the world’s most respected and trusted sources for news and information (other than Google).

Passport to Refreshment

Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, a chemist fumbled away over a bubbling cauldron, mixing potions and casting spells. He tossed in a handful of coca leaves and a pinch of cola berries and the potion was finally finished. John Pemberton, a brilliant scientist, had finally created the genius concoction that would help him take over the world. And they all lived happily ever after.

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Or, a wounded war veteran named Pemberton accidentally mixed random ingredients together to create a replacement for the addictive medicine Morphine. But that sounds like the worst fairy tale ever so they tell the other story to spice things up a bit. But it is the story of how Pemberton’s French Wine Cola (its friends call it Coca Cola) was invented. Fast forward 126 years later and you’ll find yourself dealing with the greatest franchise in the world.

Finding Nemo

In the South, our motto is “the bigger, the better”. In Texas, this motto refers to woman’s hair but in Georgia, this refers to our infrastructure. When being a bustling, metropolitan city with many attractions and features (Olympics 1996 thank you very much) just wasn’t enough, that’s when talks for creating the world’s largest aquarium began.

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Live, Laugh, Lean

We have all made mistakes in our lives (I politely excuse myself from this category). One mistake was made back in 1173, when an architect began building an ivory bell tower in Pisa. It took him five years to build the first three floors (talk about taking your sweet time) when the tower started leaning.…

Virtuous Ageless Teachable Inrtiguing Country Absolutely Non Comparable

[singlepic id=43 w=350 h=350 float=left]Ok, boys and girls, today we are going to play a very fun game! Were you confused by the long title? It’s understandable, but there is an exciting way to figure out what it all means! If you only write down the first letter of each word, you will have spelled a whole new word! What is the word everybody? Come on, all at once! VATICAN. And that brings us to todays story. Once upon a time…

For those of you who didn’t notice by now, I am a teenage girl. I have been for a while now and this means I have developed a certain way of dress. I am a teenager girl; therefore I dress like a teenage girl. When you tell a teenage girl to dress very conservatively because she’s going to spend all day at the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church, she tends to get lost.