Parlez-vous Français?

Ever wanted to learn the beautiful French language? March 20th is the annual French Language Day celebration and what better way to ring in the event than by a little tutoring session in France itself?

UN French Language Day was created in 2010 in order to promote multilingualism in the world and stress the sheer importance of language, in general.

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Don’t Oversleep Groundhog Day

If you live in northeastern United States, you – let us predict – are fed up with recent heavy snow and winter storms, aren’t you? In that case you are eager to know when this winter will be over.

There is no need either to check your calendar or to hear weather reports. Pack your suitcase and go directly to Punxsutawney situated in 84 miles (135 km) northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Only here, in this small town with  6,000 residents, you will know first the most accurate prediction when  spring will come.

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Little Odessa In The Big Apple

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Nicknamed “Little Odessa” by the local Russian-speaking immigrants from Odessa, a city in Ukraine, Brighton Beach is a home away from home for Russian Americans. An ocean side neighborhood in the NYC borough of Brooklyn and a summer destination for NY residents due to its beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, Brighton Beach is a Jewish immigrant’s idea of what an American’s idea of Russia may be.