Unaccompanied Minor

You always hear stories about the grief and pain that parents feel when their “baby bird” flies from the nest. But who is going to tell the baby birds side of the story? We’re the ones falling from the nest…I call it the baby bird test. You’re testing how well your parents trained you for…

Under The Sea

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In Bahamas, there once stood an old and decrepit resort with about 1000 vacant rooms that the manager wasn’t able to fill until the Kerzner International Corporation came swinging in on a vine, ready to save the day.

Thus began construction on one of the most well-known hotels in history. Four years of hard labor and a bill of $800 million later (I’d hate to be the person stuck with writing THAT check) and the Atlantis Paradise Island became famous around the world.

Little Odessa In The Big Apple

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Nicknamed “Little Odessa” by the local Russian-speaking immigrants from Odessa, a city in Ukraine, Brighton Beach is a home away from home for Russian Americans. An ocean side neighborhood in the NYC borough of Brooklyn and a summer destination for NY residents due to its beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, Brighton Beach is a Jewish immigrant’s idea of what an American’s idea of Russia may be.

The City That Never Sleeps

Jay Z, Frank Sinatra, Modern Talking, Duke Ellington, Prince and Bruno Mars all have one thing in common; their impeccable taste. Each of these artists has become famous for their flavorful songs about the astonishingly prodigious New York. These musical geniuses wouldn’t sing just about anything so why is it that thousands of singers, old and new, are dedicating their songs to New York, specifically NYC? The reasons are overwhelming.

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Every trip to New York City has to start with Times Square (you will thank me later). First of all, it’s not a square; instead, it is almost a district that has become a robust tourist attraction that attracts more than 26 million visitors each year.