Bergau – A Fascinatingly Fishy Tale

It might seem unusual for me to say that my most exciting experience whilst travelling has been my trip to a small relaxed village on the coast of Portugal. After travelling through the Baltic strip and across most of Europe it might be hard to understand that to this day, this small village has been my most favoured location and the most exciting experience of my travels. The village of Bergau, despite having a lack of clubs, activities and night life had a few amazing aspects that money can’t buy; a genuinely strong sense of culture and an incredible welcoming.

Live, Laugh, Lean

We have all made mistakes in our lives (I politely excuse myself from this category). One mistake was made back in 1173, when an architect began building an ivory bell tower in Pisa. It took him five years to build the first three floors (talk about taking your sweet time) when the tower started leaning.…

Virtuous Ageless Teachable Inrtiguing Country Absolutely Non Comparable

[singlepic id=43 w=350 h=350 float=left]Ok, boys and girls, today we are going to play a very fun game! Were you confused by the long title? It’s understandable, but there is an exciting way to figure out what it all means! If you only write down the first letter of each word, you will have spelled a whole new word! What is the word everybody? Come on, all at once! VATICAN. And that brings us to todays story. Once upon a time…

For those of you who didn’t notice by now, I am a teenage girl. I have been for a while now and this means I have developed a certain way of dress. I am a teenager girl; therefore I dress like a teenage girl. When you tell a teenage girl to dress very conservatively because she’s going to spend all day at the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church, she tends to get lost.

Roaming Through Rome

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I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him as he stood just across the street. He was so beautiful that it scared me. His skin was tanned to perfection by the Italian sun and his eyes revealed that he had an old soul. Just by the way he stood I could see that he was knowledgeable and unique but I was too intimidated to walk up to him. He reminds me of Beauty and the Beast in the sense that he was very masculine, but oozed an unexplanable elegance.

When in Rome…

[singlepic id=27 w=450 h=450 float=center]AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHY? What kind of a terrible person was I in a past life to deserve this “cruel punishment”? Right when I needed it most, it decided to leave me and there was nothing I could do about it.