Is It Safe to Fly to Ukraine Today?

In spite of heavy and bloody clashes in Kiev between police and opposition protesters, airline companies do not cancel their international flights to the capital of Ukraine.

For example, you can book a round-trip, nonstop flight from New York to Kiev and back for only $653 (Feb. 2-7, 2014)

Meanwhile , news wires report today that three people have died in clashes between protesters and police in the Ukrainian capital Wednesday, according to medics on the site, in a development that will likely escalate Ukraine’s two month-long political crisis.

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The mass protests in the capital of Kiev erupted after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych spurned a pact with the European Union in favor of close ties with Russia, which offered him a $15 billion bailout.

Another Winter Storm Grounded 3,000 Flights in the USA

Another winter storm packing snow and Arctic cold slammed the northeastern United States on Tuesday, grounding 3,000 flights, shutting down governments and schools and making travel a potential nightmare for millions.

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The storm stretched 1,000 miles between Kentucky and Massachusetts but hit especially hard along the heavily populated Interstate 95 corridor between Philadelphia and Boston, creating a perilous ride home for millions of motorists.

States across the northeast declared emergencies and warned residents not to travel during the fast-moving storm, which packed a potentially lethal combination of snow and wind, backed by temperatures up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) below normal.

In Breaking News from CNN Atlanta

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Some people go there because it’s the global headquarters of the worldwide leader in news. Other people go there because they have a grand food court and a high speed escalator. Whatever your reason, CNN in Atlanta (the largest of all 48 of its bureaus) has spent the last 32 years earning–and maintaining–its reputation as one of the world’s most respected and trusted sources for news and information (other than Google).

Catalonia, a New European State?

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Three years ago, walking by the beautiful Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, I met a humble and primitive graffiti on a building’s wall. Unknown street artist painted just three words: “Freedom for Catalonia”. For me who was astonished by Spain in his first visit to the country, the slogan for independence seemed rather strange.