Berlinale Film Festival

International stars, ecstatic fans and film buffs, oh my! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the incredible films. February 6 – February 16, 2014, the International Film Festival is held in Berlin, Germany. Nicknamed “Berlinale”, this is the world’s largest film festival that is open to the public.


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The Great Night of Shiva in India

Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival celebrated annually by people following Hinduism. The name can easily be translated to “Great Night of Shiva” or padmarajarathri…whichever one is easier for you to pronounce. This year, the holiday falls on February 27th and is the most important festival for millions of devotees of Lord Shiva, who is an important deity in Hindu culture.


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Arts Brand New Canvas

The 21st century has brought us great advances in technology, innovations and…the arts? Spending a day on the beach used to mean splashing around in the waves and building a sand castle with your little brother. But what happens when someone takes that same concept but kicks it up a notch to LEVEL: ADVANCED?

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Beach Art has entered the races as a prominent, new form of art and Andres Amador has been shocking people all over San Francisco, California with his stunning work. He isn’t your conventional painter or photographer; his tool is a rake and a rope rather than a paintbrush or a camera. A sandy beach acting as his blank canvas, he creates work of art larger than 100,000 square feet!

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Parlez-vous Français?

Ever wanted to learn the beautiful French language? March 20th is the annual French Language Day celebration and what better way to ring in the event than by a little tutoring session in France itself?

UN French Language Day was created in 2010 in order to promote multilingualism in the world and stress the sheer importance of language, in general.

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